About Pat Wogan

This is my first experience at blogging.  I am a seventy-five year old woman.  My husband and I have a blended family which includes five children, thirteen grand-children, and four great-grand-children.  I am a retired elementary school teacher who now lives in Mission, Texas.  We live in a gated retirement community about four miles north of the Rio Grande River which is the border between The United States and Mexico.  Our particular part of the border includes the World Birding Center and the NABA Butterfly Park. 

I started my blog at the request of my youngest daughter, who blogs at Dine And Dish.  She started blogging as a way to keep us in touch with her and her family.  My reason is the same.  I have long thought of writing stories of my past for my family and this blog allows me to do so in a structured environment that they all may access it if they wish.

I also enjoy the comments I have received from fellow bloggers and readers of my blog.  I hope some of my experiences are entertaining and some are educational.  Thanks for reading.  Pat



  1. […] she took classes towards her Masters degree at Pittsburg State University. On summer mornings, my mom would get up and set out to school, leaving my older sister and I at […]

  2. Hello Pat –
    I am preparing to send some product samples to your daughter to review. As I was reading her blog, I found the link to yours. So much to read here…hopefully I will have some time over this long week-end to dig into it a bit! Your blog looks like a good book with which you can’t wait to curl up! Have a happy Thanksgiving – Deborah Chapman
    Have nothing in your house that you do not
    know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
    – William Morris

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