Posted by: patwogan | January 2, 2014


Whenever a carnival came to town, it set up in a field somewhere on the west side of town.  I had a boyfriend and he asked me to go to the carnival with him.  I looked forward to going and figured we would ride on the rides, etc.  

Well, we did etc.  We went up to one of the games of chance.  If I remember correctly, it was the one where you throw the hoop over the prize you want to win.  We did that for a while and he won some dinky little prizes for me.  Then we went to the baseball pitch game.  This is the one where you knock over the milk bottles.  My boyfriend was a baseball player and thought this looked  easy.  He was in full show-off mode.  He started throwing and naturally since the game was rigged, couldn’t do it..  He kept trying and trying until he had “invested” about twelve dollars.  Now he, like me had a minimum wage part-time job as an usher at the movie theater.  I kept trying to get him to quit, but he knew he could knock those bottles down.  I really began to feel sorry for him and also thought he was a little bit dumb to spend all his money like that.  I finally told him I was leaving and I did.  I left him still trying to knock those stupid bottles down.  As I think back on it, I wasn’t very nice.  But, he was dumb!


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