Posted by: patwogan | July 5, 2012

Miscellaneous Memories

I have written about my cousin George as he is very special to me, but I had other cousins, too.  One of the big events in our family was Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house.  Now I said Grandma’s house, but Grandpa was there, also.  He was a very important person in my life and I loved him dearly, however, it was Grandma’s house we went to every Sunday after church.  

Grandma and Grandpa didn’t go to church, but they were both believers in God and Bible readers.  Grandpa, in times of crisis, would open the Bible to a random page and look for the phrase, “it came to pass”.  If he found this phrase (which occurs often in the Bible) he would take it as a sign from God that whatever was happening in our lives would pass.  

While we were at church and Sunday school, Grandma would be preparing the Sunday dinner.  After church, my family and Aunt Bess and Uncle Dayton and their children came to Grandma’s house for dinner and after dinner activities.  As we got older Uncle Dayton, who loved softball, would organize ball games in the field south of the house.  Sometimes in the evenings, the older cousins and the aunts and uncles would play cards.  They especially loved to play pinochle.

Aunt Bess and Uncle Dayton had four children.  Their youngest, Elizabeth, was sixteen months older than I.  Charles was three years older than I and Margaret was two or three years older than Charles.  Naomi was the same age as George, ten years older than I.  As I have told earlier, George lived with Grandma and Grandpa.  

In the summertime, we always had homemade ice cream.  I remember sitting on the freezer on a gunny sack to keep it from moving when it got hard to turn.  There was such a great camaraderie among all of these relatives.  We were all very close.  

We caught lightning bugs in the summer and put them in jars.  We sat on the corn planter under the mulberry trees and ate mulberries (no, we didn’t wash them first).  

We played hide and seek and other games.  In fact, we were even allowed to play pinochle with the adults.   It was a carefree time for all of us cousins.  

I have often wondered if Grandma really wanted us all to come over every Sunday, but I think it might have been the highlight of the week for her.  

This post brought back such great memories that I think I will stop and have a dish of homemade ice cream! 



  1. Neat to hear this story again! Write about the guineas!

  2. Anytime is a reason to stop for home made ice cream. Thanks for the recipe as well as the memories.

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