Posted by: patwogan | January 22, 2012

On the Inside Looking Back

I haven’t blogged for so long that I think I may have been forgotten, but my son reminded me that I started blogging to leave a record for my family.  Every day  something comes up in the present that triggers a memory of the past.  I think this is even more true this past year as I had a challenging year of loss and poor health.  I am now on the mend, but the loss of my son to cancer will be forever on my mind and in my heart.  It is his death that calls forward so many memories.  I remember special days, but I also remember everyday things that didn’t seem important at the time.  

But this blog isn’t going to be about Larry.  It is going to be about my memories of past events.  

I made an angelfood cake this week…in fact I made two of them…because of a fund raiser we were having in our community.  As I used my electric mixer to beat the egg whites, I could almost picture my Mom sitting in the kitchen, a bowl of egg whites in her lap as she used a wire whisk to beat them to the proper consistency.  My Mom had very strong wrists which were made even stronger by milking cows by hand.  She used to arm-wrestle with my uncle Dayton and she often won.  Anyway, angelfood was my favorite cake (I also liked chocolate) and every year for my birthday, I requested it for my birthday cake.  We had chickens and always had a lot of eggs, so that was no problem.  During the war, the lack of sugar was a problem, but the coupons were saved for special occasions like birthdays.  

One year Mom made me what she called a Sunshine Angelfood Cake.  I don’t know exactly where she got the recipe for it, and I think she made it up, but it was filled with a delicious cream filling that if I am correct had a vanilla pudding base with whipped cream folded into it.  It was absolutely scrumptious.

The family thinks of Grandma Sumner as being an excellent pie maker, and that she was, using that same whisk to whip up the meringue for the cream pies.  But she was an excellent cake baker, too, and baked cakes for all the nieces and nephews on their birthdays.  She made a banana=-nut cake to die for.  It was a white cake frosted with a cooked fluffy brown sugar frosting…like a seven-minute frosting only using brown sugar.  I have tried to duplicate it, but couldn’t as this was another thing she made up without a recipe.  I remember it was a three layer cake with sliced bananas and pecans   on each layer of the cake before it was frosted, and then pecans on the top in a decorative placement.  

It sounds from this blog post that I am hungry.  That is not the case, but I wouldn’t mind having a slice of that banana nut cake again.  



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