Posted by: patwogan | June 8, 2010

Coronado Celebration Days

Francisco Coronado came to Kansas in 1541. He was looking for the Seven Cities of Gold that were supposedly in Kansas.  I guess he didn’t find them because he left.  But just the fact that he came gave Kansans a reason to have a celebration.  So in 1941 in Independence, Kansas, there was a big Coronado Days celebration 500 years after he had visited the state.

My father’s friend was in the social swing of things and attended the big party that was held in the Civic Auditorium.  It was a costume party  and  she invited me to attend.  Apparently she had two girl’s costumes and we were supposed to be twins.  I think there was some contest or something involved.   The costumes were period costumes of the 1500’s.  I really don’t remember much about the costumes  but that they were fancy and I had to wear a mask.  I know my folks didn’t go to the party and I attended with Dad’s friend from work.

I wish I remembered more about the party, but I think I was completely out of my element.  I do know I was not comfortable there.  It made a little bit of an impression on me and I felt scared because everyone was masked.  I might enjoy a party now like that… I doubt it…but I sure didn’t then.  I liked to play dress-up, but in the safety of my own home.  I didn’t like playing dress-up with people I didn’t know.



  1. Pat you should look up that celebration on line. It would be fun to see what was printed about that celebration. It sounds like it could have been pretty fun.

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