Posted by: patwogan | April 3, 2010

Easter Past

I know I have written about the Easter dress that was such a disappointment to me because the skirt didn’t “stand out”.  Every time I think about it, I feel guilty because I know how hard my Mother worked to make it on her old treadle machine.  And I remember she was about nine months pregnant at the time since my brother was born on the fourth of April that year.

Every year Easter meant new clothes and especially new shoes.  New shoes meant white patent sandals most years.  Often it rained Easter and many times it was really too cold to wear sandals, however, usually rain or shine I  wore my new Easter shoes.  One of my friends had a pair of patent leather shoes with black bows on the front.  I coveted them as they were beautiful.  I have always been a shoe person and if I remember correctly this particular incident took place when I was six or seven.  Joyce, my friend, wore the shoes everywhere and something on the inside of the bow caused a sore on the top of her foot.  She didn’t tell her mother and her mother didn’t notice until the sore became infected.  Joyce ended up with blood poisoning.  Keep in mind this was before antibiotics were in use and the treatment for infections was iodine.  She did recover from the infection, but it was one of those things that my parents used as an example to me.

Easter was a time for church and then off to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house for dinner (as usual on Sunday) and the afternoon was spent with the cousins and hunting Easter eggs.  Of course, we all got Easter baskets with the expected chocolate bunnies.  There was always the disappointing moment when the discovery was made that the bunny was hollow.  Much as I loved, and still love, chocolate, my favorite Easter candy has always been “Peeps”.  I love “Peeps” and especially when they get a little old and chewy.

I remember the Easter eggs were hidden in Grandma’s front yard.  The best place to hunt for them was in the flowers that were called “Star of Bethlehem”.  They were little white flowers with grassy leaves and Grandma had them growing on either side of a path all the way to the road.  Easter usually marked the beginning of Spring, which is the best time of year in Kansas.

I have lots of happy memories of Easter holidays.  Nothing special happened, but it was a delightful time spent with family.


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