Posted by: patwogan | October 9, 2009

Grandma’s Love

Gosh, I wish my grandma had been able to blog about her childhood.  She was such a neat grandma!  I just read a line today in a novel by Todd Johnson called Sweet Bye and Bye which made me think of her and realize how little I knew about her.  The line was, “Holdin’ my grandbaby, I know my love will outlive me.   That might be all I need to know from now on.”

Grandma, your love has surely outlived you!  Somehow, Grandma was able to make each of us feel that we were her favorite.  Anyway, I sure felt that way!  I have so many wonderful memories of her.  It’s funny, but I only thought of Grandma in the moment of time when I experienced her.  I never wondered what she was like when she was younger.  Grandma old was the person who interested me.   Now that I am as old as she was, I realize that there was a whole other Grandma and wish I knew more about her. 

Grandma was probably of medium height.  She wore her hair in a bun, but not pulled back severely.  I think it was at least a little naturally curly as she had waves.  She wore combs in her hair to pull it back as was the style at the time.  Of course, it was gray, but had been dark.  Nobody colored their hair in those days except actresses and hussies.  What an old word that is!  (Aunt Anna would have been considered a hussy by Grandma, I bet.)  Grandma was slender and from the older pictures I have seen of her, I would think she had always been slender.   She wore glasses, but I don’t think she did when she was young.  I think the glasses and dentures she also wore were a part of the aging process. 

Grandma crocheted.  Mostly she crocheted rugs out of old rags.  Some of her crocheting used the wornout cotton stockings she wore.  She made hooked rugs one time, but I don’t remember that being something she did all the time, like the crocheting.  She also pieced quilts and then set up the big quilting frames in the parlor and ladies from the sewing circle came and hand-quilted them.  I think the sewing circle she belonged to along with my mother and Aunt Bess was called the “58” Sewing Circle.  I think the ladies went to each other’s house and did embroidery, or quilting, or whatever the project the hostess was working on. 

The only thing I remember seeing Grandma read was the Bible or the Capper’s Weekly newspaper.  I am sure that there were probably other things, but those two were the main things.   The Capper’s Weekly had recipes in it.  It also had patterns you could send off and have delivered to you.  Some of the patterns were for clothes, others were for stamped embroidery patterns, and sometimes there would be a quilt pattern.

I don’t know how many brothers and sisters Grandma had, but I do know there were several grown-ups that called her Aunt Jessie.   I could look this up in the geneology, I guess, but I don’t have it at hand.  The ones who lived near-by were Hattie and maybe a Steve or Ida.  I just don’t know.  I do know that two of her sisters married brothers because I remember hearing talk about their kids being double cousins.    I wish I had asked her how she and Grandpa met. 

I’ll have to remember all these things I wish I knew about Grandma and include them in my blogs so my grandkids won’t have to have blank spaces about me when they can no longer ask questions of me. 

Yes, ma’am, Grandma, your love has surely outlived you!  Thanks for sharing it with me!



  1. Dear Pat, I was drawn to this post because I adored my grandmothers. There were “double cousins” in my family too because Grandma’s sister married Grandpa’s brother. I try to keep the food traditions of both my grandmothers alive. I bet you’re a wonderful grandmother!

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