Posted by: patwogan | October 7, 2009


I became friends with a lot of the people who worked at Woolworth’s while I worked there.  I also had some friends from school who perhaps weren’t good influences on me. 

One friend in particular at school was a lot more daring than I was.  We would go to town during the lunch hour and walk around window shopping.  One day, she and I both took an apple from the bushel baskets outside the local grocery store.  I knew it was wrong, but daringly did it anyway.  I felt really guilty and thought God had known what I had done  and punished me by placing a worm in my apple.   

Another time, my friend talked me into creating a distraction of a clerk in Woolworth’s.  Her directions to me were that I should visit with my friend who worked at the toy counter.  I honestly didn’t know why she wanted me to do this, but I did it anyway.  After I had visited awhile with my older working woman friend, my school friend said we should be on our way back to school. 

When we got outside the store and were on our way back to school, she reached into her pocket and pulled out two tubes of plastic bubbles that she had picked up while my working woman friend and I were visiting.  This I knew was wrong and I just told her I didn’t like playing with those and she could keep them.  Did I tell on her??  No.  Did I stop being friends with her?  No.  But I did sort of back off being such close friends.   This was when I was still in the ninth grade and hadn’t made too many friends yet.  I knew my mother would have been shocked if she had known even about the apple, let alone the shoplifting incident.  She wasn’t too fond of this particular friend anyway.  I think Moms have a sixth sense about that sort of thing.    

This is probably one reason why business people in a town like closed lunch hours. 

Funny, this is a minor incident that happened in my life, but it is one that taught me a lesson even though I was never caught.  It is also one I remember more than fifty years after it occurred.  Does that tell you something?



  1. That whisper in your ear is not just your conscience. Keep listening and keep teaching. Too many people are too weak to feel like you did and like you still do. Thanks, Love you

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