Posted by: patwogan | August 14, 2009


Today I am going to fast forward to the present. I just read an old blog I had posted about the butterfly migration that took place last fall here in Mission, Texas.  In that blog, I wondered how the butterflies knew where they were going and how something so delicate had the strength to complete the annual migration.

It gave me an insight into my own life.  How did I know when I began this journey where I was going and how did I have the strength to make the trip this far?  If this is not evidence of miracles, what is?  

I attended a worship service this past Sunday which was so inspiring it really made me think about the presence of God in my life.  Joel Osteen, pastor, author, and inspirational speaker was here in the Valley and presented two opportunities for worship at the Dodge Arena.  Now this is a large arena and the three o’clock service was completely full except for a few random empty seats.  His message was one of hope and renewal, something we need every day.  It was very well received by all in attendance.

In the message he said that we are here, and I took that to mean alive, because our mission on Earth is not yet complete.  God is still working in our lives and we are still having an influence in the lives of others.  I find that very inspiring and really makes one think about living as an example to those around us. 

Sometimes we get discouraged and wonder if we are making any difference in anyone’s life.  We really don’t know who may be watching and taking a cue for living from the way we react and respond to life’s problems.   My Mother was a great influence for the positive in my life.  She had what we liked to call “spunk”.  I wonder now if her spunk wasn’t a synonym for faith.  I know she had a strong faith.  I am sure she relied on that faith to give her the strength she needed to overcome the bad things in her life. 

I wonder where she got her faith and her strength.  It surely wasn’t during her childhood as she had a terrible time when she was young.  She was not raised in a home where God was the center, and in fact, I wonder if she ever had any religious instruction at all.  I don’t know when she began to go to church, but I know by the time I arrived in her life she  attended church regularly.  I was raised going to Sunday School and Church every Sunday unless I was sick.  I can’t say that I always enjoyed it, but it provided a foundation for the faith I have today.   Grandma and Grandpa Hudiburg did not attend church.  I guess I always figured it was because Grandma was busy fixing Sunday dinner for the rest of us.  Now I wonder what happened in their lives that made them stop attending church.  I know they were Christian people and lives their lives as good examples.

My Mother has completed her Earthly journey and is still influences those of us who knew her.  My children have been influenced by Mother’s spunk just as I have. 

Is our strength handed down from generation to generation by example, or is it genetic?    Wherever it came from and however I got it, I am glad I have had enough to get me this far….and have faith it will sustain me for the coming years.


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