Posted by: patwogan | April 13, 2009

My Most Memorable Easter Dress

Easter was a great holiday when I was little.  It still is, but the significance of Easter was actually lost on a six year old.  My baby brother had arrived by this particular Easter and I had gone through the jealous period and come out on the other side a “better” person. 

The important thing about Easter when I was six was having new shoes and a new dress, and yes, an Easter bonnet.  My Mom made my clothes and so my Easter dress was always something special.  The year I was six, I put in my order for the kind of dress I wanted.  It was to be pink or lavender and I wanted the skirt to be ruffled and ” stand out”.  Perhaps this was a tall order, but not to someone who lived in a fantasy world peopled by Sonja Heini, a figure skater whose costumes always had skirts that “stood out”.  I tried to communicate the dress I pictured in my mind, but perhaps my six year old communication skills were not honed well enough.  Then again, perhaps my Mom did the best she could with what she had at hand.  Perhaps she realized that I would look comical in a skirt that “stood out” and wanted me to look beautiful instead.

So my Easter dress, beautiful as it was, was a disappointment to me that year.  In fact, that is the only year I actually remember what my Easter dress looked like.  It was made of lavender organdy.  It had a plain bodice and a tiered ruffled skirt.  Four ruffles if I remember correctly…and it was very pretty….but it wasn’t the dress that existed only in my imagination.  I wore it and I also wore it in the class picture taken that spring.  But I still remember how guilty I felt because I really didn’t like the dress my Mom had worked so hard to make like I wanted it. 

I never shared these feelings with Mom and now that I am a Mom myself, I wonder if my disappointment showed on my face when she presented me with the finished dress.  I also now know that the dress I wanted was a dress with a tutu…a word not in my six year old vocabulary.


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