Posted by: patwogan | February 28, 2009

Homemade Ice Cream

Every Sunday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Hudiburg’s home for dinner after church.  It was always a fun time for me as my cousins and I could play together.  Aunt Bess and Uncle Dayton MaGee and their four children also came. 

I don’t know whether Grandma prepared the dinner alone, or whether Mom and Aunt Bess brought something.  I do know that Grandma and Grandpa didn’t go to church so maybe she had it ready when we arrived.  I do remember that it was always delicious as Grandma, Mom, and Aunt Bess were very good cooks and Sunday dinner was an occasion!

After dinner, my cousins and I always played together.  George and Naomi were ten years older than I was and Margaret, Charles, and Elizabeth were also older.  Elizabeth and I played together and the rest of the older kids did stuff, too.  Anyway, the afternoon would be spent enjoying each other’s company.  I think the adults played cards or dominoes.  The older and middle cousins would play Monopoly or Chinese Checkers.  Elizabeth and I played Dolls or Paper Dolls or Dress-up. 

In the summertime, we would have homemade ice cream.  Of course, Grandma and Grandpa had lots of eggs and cream and even during the wartime sugar rationing, there was always enough sugar saved to make ice cream.  My Grandma’s homemade ice cream is a recipe still used in my family as it is delicious.  

 Grandma and Grandpa had an Ice  Box.  The ice man had a regular route and all you had to do to have ice delivered was to put the ice sign in the window with the amount of ice needed.  The ice man brought the ice in and put it right in the compartment for that purpose in the ice box.  The ice man had to be fairly muscular from lifting the heavy blocks of ice.  He used large tongs to carry it into the house. 

To prepare the ice for making ice cream, it was put in a gunny sack and pounded with a sledge hammer.  The large chunks were then broken up with an ice pick until they were small enough.  I do remember at one time Aunt Bess bought a fancy ice pick that had about five prongs and it broke the ice up more quickly.

  The ice cream mix of cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla was put into the can and the can was put into the ice cream freezer.  Then the proper ratio of ice and salt was added and the men took turns cranking the freezer.  As the ice cream froze, it became harder to turn and the freezer was harder to hold still.  So the gunny sack was placed over the top of the freezer and a medium-size child sat on it to hold it down.  Usually this little person got to lick the paddle when it was removed from the freezer, so there was always competition to be the one sitting on the freezer.  I think we took turns.  After the paddle was removed,  the brine was drained from the freezer and a mixture of salt and ice was packed in around the can.  The ice cream was then left to “cure”.  This was always the longest time and it was so hard to wait until it was ready to eat. 

Just writing about this has made me hungry for ice cream so I think I will go get a dip of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.  Not the same, but it will have to do for this afternoon.  No chocolate cake to eat with it, but I guess I could eat soda crackers as that is what Grandpa always ate with his.



  1. My mouth waters for it this morning. Thank heavens for electricity now—no more cold bottoms

  2. Now I’m hungry for homemade ice cream! Mmmmmm!

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