Posted by: patwogan | February 28, 2009

Comic Books

I read recently that the first edition of Superman comics was to go on the auction block and was expected to bring thousands of dollars to its owner.  Wow!  How many of us would be very rich had our mothers not cleaned our rooms and thrown out our comic books. 

I loved to visit my good friend and neighbor Marvin Garner when I lived on the farm.  Marvin and I walked to school together and since he was my nearest neighbor even close to my age, I guess he was my best friend.  Marvin had a big tree with exposed roots and he also had a farm set.  We used to play with his farm set and his toy cars around the roots of that big tree.

Marvin also had a big collection of comic books.  Marvel Comics were our favorites and my favorite super hero was Captain Marvel.  I think he wore a red suit with a big yellow lightning streak on the front of it.  Or it may have been the other way around.  He also wore a cape.  I don’t remember what his “civilian” persona was, but I remember that to unleash his super powers, he shouted “SHAZAM”!  Marvin also had other superhero comic books and sometimes we would spend the whole afternoon just reading them.  Wonderful fun on a rainy afternoon or a winter afternoon when it was too bad to play outside.  Add to this the fact that Marvin’s mother made the very best peanut-butter cookies and you have paradise.

My little brother’s taste in comic books ran more to the “funny” kind.  I think his favorite was “Little Lulu”.  In fact, my mother sent him some Little Lulu comic books while he was in VietNam.  Imagine, if you will, the chagrin of my brother when he received that package from mother and opened it in front of his fellow Marine officers.  I’m sure Mom didn’t even think about that aspect of it, she just knew he liked Little Lulu and wanted to give him a taste of home.  More power to her.

I really never cared for Batman or the Green Hornet or even Superman as they couldn’t hold a candle to Captain Marvel.  The fact that the Superman comic books have gone from the original ten cents a copy…if I remember fifty-two pages an issue…to several thousand dollars while Captain Marvel is virtually forgotten tells you about my lack of ability to predict values of things.  Oh, well, it doesn’t really matter, Mom would have probably thrown them out anyway.



  1. Your mom must have taken after my mom with throwing out things that could have been valuable some day 😉 And I think I’ve taken after my mom doing the same thing.
    I’ve never understood the appeal of comic books (except I think I went through an Archie stage there for awhile)

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