Posted by: patwogan | January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Michael

Today is an important day in my life.  Several (Okay, Mike) years ago, I gave birth on this day to my first child.  An event that changed my life forever for the better.  I was eighteen years old and completely ignorant about babies.  I did learn quickly as witness Mike is still alive.

The day Mike was born, there was a terrific snowstorm.  His Grandpa Williams picked up my mother and brought her over to the hospital.  They both arrived in time to be present when Michael arrived.  My mother worked and so had to go back home later that day.  She came back to stay a few days when we came home from the hospital.  I knew how to bake bread, and Mom told me to hold the new baby just like I did bread dough. 

Mike weighed nine pounds, four ounces.  Thank goodness, he was a big, healthy baby.  He and I learned together about lots of things. 

Anyone who has ever been a mother knows I would have died to protect him from harm, however, during his lifetime my ignorance put him at risk more than once.  When he was two and a half years old, I let him fall out of the car.  We were driving down thirteenth street in Parsons, Kansas.  Mike was eating bread and jelly and standing up in the back seat.  He asked me if he could throw the bread and jelly out as he was through eating it.  I, distractedly said he could.  So he opened the back door of the car and threw himself and the bread and jelly out of the car.  I immediately stopped the car and frantically got out.  The car was a stick shift and when I got out I had not taken the car out of gear and so it kept on going down the road.  There was a car coming behind us and the driver stopped and picked up Michael.  He was crying, naturally.  We took him to the emergency room and the doctor said to watch him that night as he slept and make sure he didn’t have a concussion.  I think he still has scars on his head from where gravel went in and came out.

Another time, he was running a high temperature.  I called the doctor who questioned me about any rash he might have.  I told the doctor there was no rash, only the extremely high temperature.  I took Mike into the doctor’s office so he could examine him.  When he lifted up his shirtk, there it was, measles.  He was broke out solid.  Bundling him up to take him to the doctor had brought out the measles rash.  I do remember having to wrap him in wet sheets to bring down the temperature. 

I can still see in my mind’s eye the day he started Kindergarten.  He was a cute little blonde boy and always had a sweet smile for everyone.  That was a hard day as my little baby was growing up too fast.

Mike really liked school and fortunately had some very good teachers.  He was always a little bit shy, but was a good student.  I believe it was in second grade that he brought home a school-made book of spelling words.  The cover read: “We have had  (blank) spelling words and I din’t miss any” .   He really didn’t like his third grade teacher very well.  So I made him say something good about her every day.  The first day, he said,”She let Phillip empty the trash.”  The second day he said,”She let Phillip empty the trash.”  I told him he couldn’t use the same thing more than once.  I really think he liked her before the year ended.  I do know she liked him and thought he had a good future ahead of him.

When he was in sixth grade,  Mike got the mumps.  Two weeks later, Larry, his little brother, and I both came down with mumps.  Everyday Mike rode his bike a mile home from school at the noon hour and fixed lunch for us.  He knew only how to fry eggs so that was our lunch fare.  But as they were somewhat salty, I would have to put the heating pad on my cheeks afterwards.  I have always remembered that act of love and have always appreciated it.

Mike now has a beautiful wife, two children, and four grandchildren.  I am quite proud of the man he has become who still is a loving, wonderful person.

As I said at the beginning, Mike’s birth changed my life forever for the better.  Thanks for the memories, Mike, and Happy Birthday!  Love, Mom



  1. Awww – what a great post, Mom! Happy birthday to Mike and happy anniversary of being a mom, mom 🙂

  2. PS – After reading this I guess there are some benefits to being the last instead of the first. Mike is the one to thank for giving you all of your experience.

  3. Mom, this was really neat. My kids love hearing the story about Mike falling out of the car–but I forgot about it rolling away! Happy birthday Mike! Love you–

  4. Thanks again for these “memories”
    Crystal expected this to be several pages longer to squeeze in 58 years.
    Now everybody knows why a Michael Jordan hairstyle won’t work for me.
    Thanks for all my early memories too.
    Love you Mom!!!!!

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