Posted by: patwogan | January 20, 2009

Looking Forward With Hope

This morning I am watching the Presidential inaugural on television and doing so with great hope and many prayers for the future of our country.  What a historical occasion it is!  Actually all inaugurations are a time of hope.  The transition of power done in such a peaceful manner is one of the hallmarks of our great country. 

As I watch the former Presidents file in, I am reminded that they each had high hopes for their tenure and I am sure only the best motives.  All were successful in some aspects.  Some more so than others.  Even though we as a people were often critical of programs they put into place or programs they did not put into place.  We seem to forget the euphoria of this day as time goes by and go back to our usual bickering and criticizing. 

My hope is that we as a people can all work together to make the dream continue.  Can we forget the bi-partisan rancor and come together as this President wants us to.  Can we get busy and DO instead of just talking about doing and waiting for someone else to DO it?  Hard to tell, but from the past, it is so easy to let the negativity take over. 

Not everyone is happy about the election of this particular President, but I hope they give him a chance and I hope the circumstances in America will be helpful to his success.

And so prayerfully I continue to watch history being made.  God Bless America!



  1. His most memorable comment in my mind was the reference to others being judged by what they build not what they destroy.
    Now you can get back to remembering when. Looking ahead is not as much fun.

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