Posted by: patwogan | September 23, 2008

Olive Oil for Complexion

There is a story on msn today about olive oil for complexion and it made me think of my Great-Grandmother Greer.  There was a time when she lived at the farm with us.  I really don’t know why that occurred and everyone who would know is deceased. 

Grandma Greer was my mother’s grandmother on her father’s side.  She was the one who helped raise Mom and her brothers after her mother died.  She was nothing like her son, but was a quiet, soft-spoken woman.  Her family was not close geographically and I’m not sure they were close to her emotionally.  I know very little about her past. 

Of course, by the time she lived with us, she was elderly.  She had naturally curly hair which she wore in a soft wavy bob.  She also had beautiful skin.  Very soft and unwrinkled.  Every night she rubbed olive oil into her face.  Now I have to admit it didn’t smell like skin lotion, but I truly believe it must have done the job she put it on to do.  

Grandma Greer played with me a lot.  She taught me to play pitch because it was a card game she loved.  We would play four point, draw pitch.  Now that I am grown, I know how desperate she was to have someone to play cards with  that she  had to settle for me.   I share her love of card games to this day and spend quite a bit of time playing with friends. 

Grandma used to take me fishing with her.  We didn’t have fancy fishing equipment, just a long cane pole and a “bobber”.  We would dig for worms at the drainage pipe near the garden and then go down to the fishing hole under the railroad trestle.  I don’t know why we didn’t go to the pond in our pasture, but it probably had something to do with the cattle who watered there.  Anyway, we would walk about a quarter-mile to this prime fishing spot.  We never caught any big fish, just little perch (called bream) but we kept all we caught and then she would clean them and fry them.  They were little and bony, but I guess that didn’t matter as we ate them. 

I was a kid and wasn’t a very patient fisherman.  I liked to mess around with my pole in the water, but Grandma told me that when I put my pole in the water we might as well go home as the fish would know we were there and not bite anymore.  She also told me that turtles, if they bite, don’t let go until it thunders.  She said, too, that snakes, if they bite you, don’t let go until sundown.  I now think she told me these things so I wouldn’t mess with either the snakes or turtles.  I’m sure there were a lot of turtles at this fishing hole and probably snakes, too.  I believed everything my Grandma told me because she was my Grandma. 

I don’t really know how old she was at this time, but I’m sure she was in her eighties.  As I remember her now, I think my Mom resembled her somewhat as she grew older.  Mom always looked younger than she was and she had very few wrinkles.  Mom always was careful about her appearance and even wore lipstick at night when she went to bed.  I’m sure her beauty routine was something she learned from Grandma Greer.



  1. Mother – you told US that about turtles not letting go until it thunders. Are you telling me this isn’t true?? 😉

    I would think olive oil would really be bad for your skin… making it break out even more! Grandma always looked young, so I’m assuming they knew what they were doing!

  2. I thought mom said it was turtles that didn’t let go until sundown–also, remember Grandma Sumner used to tell us we should eat burnt toast on a regular basis to soak up the poisons in our stomachs? I say stuff like that to my kids, they call me on it, say “you are trying to use a Grandma Sumner on us!” 🙂

  3. There it is, putting lipstick on before going to bed. I love it! Sure miss her. Everytime I see fancy earbobs and red lipstick I think of her!

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