Posted by: patwogan | September 22, 2008

Peebler School District 42

After our move to the farm, I attended a country school.  Peebler, District 42, Montgomery County.  I was in the fourth grade.  My class size at Riley School in Independence was probably twenty or so students.  I attended Riley from Kindergarten through third grade.  When I started Peebler, a one room school, there were four students attending in total .  As a fourth grader, I was the oldest student in the school.  After a few weeks, the enrollment increased as people returned from summer vacation or perhaps from helping out at home.   If memory serves me correctly, there were possibly ten students at that time. 

The teacher at that time was Miss Schobe.  Miss Schobe came early in the morning to fire up the furnace which was in the basement of the school.  She also had the responsibility of cleaning the building, fixing soup to supplement home-packed lunches, creating teaching materials, and last but not least, teaching all eight grades the entire curriculum.  Add to this was preparing the students for “school programs” for all holidays and special occasions.  She also served as the school nurse. 

It was as her service as school nurse that I served as an assistant one time.  It was right after school started and one of the four students was a first grader whose parents both worked.  He jumped off of the teeter-totter like a diving board and broke his arm.  The teacher, who had no phone at school, loaded the four students into her car and took the first-grader to the doctor.  She had used a large square of cloth as a sling and I had to sit in the front seat with the student and hold my hand under the first grader’s arm to hold it steady as she drove him to the doctor.  The other two students were in the back seat.  I remember that he wet his pants on the way to the doctor’s as his arm hurt so bad.  I, as a big fourth-grader, was quite embarrassed about this. 

Can you imagine what kind of flack a teacher would take now for doing something like Miss Schobe did?  The parents were happy that she had taken the action she did.  Of course, now a doctor wouldn’t touch a child without consent of the parents, and I don’t know, but maybe they got hold of the parents before setting the arm.  I just know Miss Schobe took the action that the situation warranted with the good of the child in mind.  Times were different then and people were not as “sue happy” as they seem to be now.  Maybe there weren’t as many lawyers as now.



  1. We went on Jacob’s first field trip of the year today. We walked over a mile up to the banks and post office. I had a small backpack with me. Mrs Brim had an inhaler of one of the students in a ziplock bag. That students grandma was also helping out on the field trip. Anyway, since I had the backpack, I asked Mrs Brim if she wanted me to put it in the backpack. She said it was against school policy to have anyone, including THE PARENTS, hold the inhaler. The teacher had to keep it in their possession. Is that not ridiculous? She thought so, his grandma thought so, and so did I. All the red tape anymore. You have to wonder what teachers back then would think about all of the rules of today.

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