Posted by: patwogan | September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, we are still here at home.  Ike has moved north to the Galveston-Houston area.  We are thankful that it is not hitting the Valley, but feel great sympathy for the people in the path of this huge storm.

Our decision to stay here instead of evacuating was based forecasts given by the National Hurricane Center and the three local television stations who provided current coordinates of the storm and the direction it was supposed to be heading.  My husband was a weather observer in the Air Force and understands the high and low pressures which are the steering mechanisms of hurricanes.  I really trusted his judgment, although, at times I wondered if we shouldn’t be leaving.  My peace at the decision to stay was really solidified when seventeen babies from the neo-natal unit of Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi were helicoptered to the McAllen Medical Center.  That’s about ten minutes away from here.

I am amazed at the people who have decided to stay on Galveston Island even though they have been asked to evacuate.  There has been a lot of time to get ready for this storm and to leave when asked.  The officials learned during Hurricane Rita and have handled the evacuation quite well.  Of course, when you have a half-million people on the highway trying to leave an area, you aren’t going to be travelling at 60 mph or greater. 

I think one of my pet peeves is people who do life risking activities and then have to be rescued,  thus putting the rescuers lives in danger.  I hope this doesn’t happen in this situation, but feel certain it probably will. 

My family kept saying we should get out of here, and I kept telling them we wouldn’t do anything “stupid”.  After experiencing Dolly, we weren’t looking forward to Ike at all.  The ground in this area is saturated and the people in the low-lying areas were expecting flooding.  The officials are still pumping water from the lower lying colonias and were relieved to hear that the storm would not be arriving here.  We do not live in an area that was flooded by Dolly, thank goodness. 

I pray for the people who are in the path of this storm and would ask that all who read this do the same. 




  1. Pat,
    I am enjoying your blog! I have put you in my Blogs of the Month over at my blog. I would love for more people to read your wonderful stories. Hope all is well with you and that you have remained safe in Ike.

  2. Mom–this has nothing to do with the hurricane–but I have had to threaten to ground Kennedy from the book she is reading if she doesn’t do well on her quiz tomorrow!!!!

  3. Pat,

    I am so glad you are safe. I know what a hurricane can do. I was with the Red Cross after Ivan, in Florida. I managed a feeding site for three weeks. I saw lots of destruction and was forever changed. Nella

  4. That is one of my pet peeves too… unless for some reason they are physically able to get out, they should not risk the lives of the rescue professionals on lack of poor judgment!

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