Posted by: patwogan | August 20, 2008

What I Am Seeing Today

My daughter has suggested that I not only look back, but share my thoughts about today.  Today I am witnessing something I have never seen before.

I now live outside of Mission, Texas, about four miles north of the Mexico border, the World Birding Center, and the NABA Butterfly Park.  Today there is a butterfly migration going on.  There are hundreds of butterflies flying by my home on all sides heading south.  There are small white ones, small yellow ones, larger yellow and black, some I recognize as Painted Ladies, a few Monarchs, and several other colors.  It is a fabulous sight.  I just sat out on the patio and enjoyed the show. 

A few stopped by my flowers for nourishment, which made me wish I had more flowers.  Most were just flutter-flying straight south.  How in the world do they know where to go and how to get there. 

We were driving on the Expressway yesterday and they kept running into the car.  I wonder how many don’t make it and how many start and from where they come. 

This may not seem like a big deal to people who have lived here all their lives, but to me it is a show better than the Olympics.  It makes me feel so humble to think that something so beautiful can be strong enough to make a journey of hundreds of miles.  They seem so fragile, but apparently are not. 

This is a magnificent world we live in and this is an occurrence which has been happening for hundreds of years.  Oh, my, the things God has done that we take for granted.  We are blessed!



  1. Oh – did you get the camera out? I bet this is amazing to see! Wow!
    Great post, mom!

  2. I look forward to your posts. What a great way to start my day! A cup of coffee, a positive post, and a prayer. Nella

  3. Hi! I’m a friend of Kristen’s and wanted to come check out your new blog.

    What a lovely entry this is. It must be spectacular, to see all those butterflies in migration. But like you, I’d feel bad for the butterflies who encounter car windshields, and wonder about how many never make it.

    I have a terrific memory of my aunt buying small boxes full of butterflies for guests to let go at her wedding. When the boxes were opened, and butterflies unleashed, it was a beautiful ending to a lovely ceremony, so hopeful and romantic.

    I wish you many hours of peace and enjoyment while creating this blog. Nice to finally “meet” you.

  4. Miss you, mom!

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