Posted by: patwogan | August 20, 2008

My First Accident

I’m writing this post partly from memories of the incident and partly from memories of what I have been told aboout it.  My parents got their first new car in 1936.  It was a green Oldsmobile.  Two weeks later my Dad pulled out of my Aunt Bess and Uncle Dayton’s driveway to go home after an evening of sharing a meal and playing cards.  As they lived on a slight hill, he apparently did not see the car coming down Highway 75 and drove in front of a car coming at highway speed.  The car hit our car broadside, throwing it into the ditch opposite Aunt Bess and Uncle Dayton’s house.

I apparently had been sitting on my mother’s lap and was ejected from the car.  Most of the damage occurred to the driver’s side of the car, but both Mother and Daddy were severly injured.  A search for me was made immediately as soon as it was noticed I was not in the car and I was found underneath the fender of the passenger side of the car.  I was wearing a new pair of sandals and the right one had been knocked off my foot.  I had a cut on my little toe and apparently no other injuries, but was taken to the hospital for observation anyway. 

I really don’t know the complete extent of my parent’s injuries, but know they both suffered many fractures and were in the hospital a few weeks.  There were bulletins in the paper on their condition for several days so I would assume their conditions were critical at first. 

I had eaten fried potatoes and homemade catsup at the evening meal and from what I have been told, I threw up causing the hospital personnel to check me closely for internal injuries.  After my stay in the hospital, which I think was twenty-four hours, I was released to go home.  I have been told that I complained about the hospital stay because I “hadn’t been given anything to eat, not even liquids.”

I think I must have spent the time Mom and Dad were in the hospital between Grandma and Grandpa’s house and Aunt Bess and Uncle Dayton’s house.  Aunt Bess took me to the hospital to visit my folks and during the visit we saw the lady who had been driving the other car.  I remember she had two black eyes and I thought she was kind of scary looking.  That is from the perspective of a three and a half year old.  I had never seen anyone with two black eyes before.

After Mom and Dad’s release from the hospital, we spent several weeks at Grandma Greer’s house in Independence.  I loved her house as it had a cement sidewalk in front and on the side and I could ride my tricycle there.  It was also across the street from Riverside Park in Independence and I know we spent some time there. 

It was while we were at Grandma Greer’s house that Aunt Anna, my mother’s aunt came from New York City to visit.  I mention this because I had learned a “reading”, The Crooked-Mouth Family,which Mom made me say for Aunt Anna.  I remember this because Mom had several broken ribs and was taped up.  She laughed as I said the reading and it hurt her so much she had to leave the room.  I remember feeling very badly that I had hurt my mother.

My memories of this incident in my life are very clear in some instances and clouded in others.  I still have a scar on my toe and my sandal was never found.  They were new sandals and I was quite disturbed at losing one of them.  I now know that I am blessed that I didn’t lose my life or one of my parents in this accident.



  1. You can bet we are glad that you are here too… you do have to wonder where the heck that shoe went though!
    Great post as always mom!

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