Posted by: patwogan | August 13, 2008

How I Arrived at the Blog Arena

I am totally ignorant and intimidated by computers, but if my new puppy can   learn to “fetch” in two lessons, I should be able to do this!  My daughter has a blog and I look forward each day to reading her posts   An old friend has written a group of memories for his children and grandchildren and he has inspired me to do the same.  Life was so different when I was growing up and I am sure some of the things that were going on in my world at that time are now known as history.  I will try not to be boring, but will try to share some of the more interesting stories in my life.  The title I chose reflects where I am now, not where I used to be.  At one time, I felt that I was always on the outside, looking in.  I was born in a little tiny house at the gate of Glencliff Dairy.  Glencliff Dairy was the home of possibly the wealthiest people in my little hometown of Independence, Kansas.  Just the name Glencliff evokes a spot of beauty, and it was a beautiful place.  The main house was visible from the gate, but barely.  Our home was across the street from the barn complex.  The main barn was about fifty yards from the road and was a tudor style building, red and cream color.  A white fence ran along the road and led to the gate which was flanked by stonework.  So I spent my early formative years on the outside looking in.  Glencliff is now a bed and breakfast and I have been at times tempted to spend a night there, but I am afraid that my impressions of the main house viewed from afar might have been somewhat romanticized.   For that reason I fear that the reality might be a disappointment.  After all, I have been so blessed that now I am on the inside, looking back.



  1. I love this, mom! This is something we will all treasure. Thanks for starting this.

  2. Thank you and thanks for all your help!

  3. Mom, tell about the hair, when it got so tangled while you were living there . . .

  4. Welcome to blogging.I’m sure you will have great fun and meet lots of interesting people.

  5. I now see where your daughter gets her fabulous writing skills from. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  6. what a beautiful story. i’m a friend of kristen’s and i can already tell that i’ll enjoy your blog as much as i do hers. what an amazing gift you’re giving your family!

  7. This is a wonderful idea – and I look forward to reading more!

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